What to expect from kid’s first dental visit and their importance

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We’ve all heard about the importance of regular dental visits in building and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. We’ve also all met people who avoid dental appointments out of fear or anxiety. Introducing your child to the dentist at a young age is a wonderful way to prevent them from developing fear of the dentist, help them see dental visits as an essential part of their healthcare routine, and encourage them to develop into adults that prioritize their oral health and stay up to date with their regular visits to the dentist.

Many parents are unaware that tooth decay is one of the most common chronic health issues faced by children in North America. Childhood tooth decay can be caused by a variety of factors from genetics to poor diet to insufficient oral hygiene. This is one more reason why it’s so important for your children to visit the pediatric dentist early. Tooth decay is one of those problems that’s easy to treat if caught at an early stage, and regular dental visits are the easiest way to identify decay before it develops into a more complex problem requiring invasive and expensive treatments.

How young is too young to visit the dentist?
Most pediatric dentists will recommend parents to bring their children to their first dental appointment before their first birthday. This is an easy thing to do, as you will not need a referral from your family doctor in order to see a pediatric dentist.

Dental problems can start to develop before the teeth break the surface, so if you’re concerned at all about the way your baby’s teeth are developing, call your pediatric dentist in South Oakville to set up an appointment today.

What can I expect from a pediatric dental visit?
Depending on their age, your child’s first dental visit will involve a cleaning, flossing, polishing and possibly some x-rays to give your kids dentist an opportunity to see how the teeth are developing below the gumline. Pediatric dentists are specially trained to provide gentle care in a way that makes children relaxed and comfortable.

If you’re ready to get your children on the road to a lifetime of bright and healthy smiles, call the team at Kids Corner Dental today. We’ll find a time to meet with you and your child, assess their condition, and work together to develop a dental care plan that works for you and your family.

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