The Ins and Outs of Child Immunizations

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If you’re the parent of young children, chances are you’ve done some research about the vaccines your child needs to go out in the world confidently and safely.

At Kids Corner Medical and Dental, our pediatric doctor in Oakville is here to provide those vaccines, but also to help answer any questions about the development, necessity and safety of these vaccines, and help you determine which vaccines your children need and when.

Why do we need vaccines?

Vaccinations, or immunizations, create immunity from certain diseases. Some vaccines work by using a small amount of a weakened germ (virus or bacteria) that cause the disease, and other times the vaccines use a small piece of the germ, like a protein or sample of its genetic material. Vaccines stimulate the body’s immune system to react as if your body was infected by the disease, fighting the germ and remembering how to beat it if the body ever encounters that virus or bacteria again.

There are five main types of vaccines:

  • Vaccines that use attenuated (weakened) versions of live germs include measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) and chickenpox vaccines.
  • Vaccines that use killed (inactivated) germs include the flu shot and the poliovirus vaccine.
  • Vaccines that use an inactivated toxin (harmful chemical) made by the germ include the diphtheria and tetanus vaccines.
  • Vaccines that use conjugates, or small pieces of the germ combined with proteins that help trigger a strong immune response include vaccines for hepatitis B, HPV, whooping cough, and meningitis.
  • mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccines use a piece of the germ’s RNA, which is part of its genetic material. This includes some vaccines that protect against Covid-19.

There are a number of vaccines that your children should receive, and our team will discuss these with you. Many vaccines can be combined and administered at the same time to reduce the number of shots your child needs to endure.

If you have questions about childhood vaccinations or are ready to make an appointment to vaccinate your child, call Kids Corner Medical & Dental today. We’ll set up a time to meet with you and share all the information you need to get your child on the road towards a lifetime of good health and immunity.

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