Sedation Dentistry in Pediatrics

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Here at Kids Corner Medical & Dental, we’re fortunate to be staffed with dental specialists who are specially trained in pediatric sedation dentistry to provide safe, comfortable treatment options for your children. Pediatric sedation dentistry makes it possible for children of all ages to receive dental procedures with no pain or fear.

These treatments begin with an oral examination and health assessment, and then one of the following sedation options can be administered.

Nitrous oxide
Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is one option offered for dental sedation for kids. It is administered very quickly and has analgesic effects on young children. Nitrous oxide provides a light sedation (the patient is still awake), and reduces any anxiety or stress that your child might feel about dental visits or the procedure ahead. It is also a common solution for young ones who are unable to sit still in the dentist’s chair.

Oral sedation
Oral sedation, or conscious sedation, is another option to help your child relax and undergo their dental procedure without pain or anxiety. This is achieved through medication that is administered orally, usually in pill form. While it can take some time for the pill to dissolve into the bloodstream and take effect, once it does, the child will remain awake but will be calm, relaxed, and still able to respond to their parents or dentists. This type of dental sedation for kids is popular because the child recovers quickly and can usually return to their normal activities soon after the procedure.

General anesthesia
General anesthesia, or sleep dentistry, is used in more involved procedures or with patients who are extremely difficult or anxious about their dental visit, as the patient will be completely unconscious and unable to respond to their parents or dentist in any way. It is commonly used with kids who cannot communicate or have other special needs. While anesthesia is used for pediatric dental treatments every day, like with any procedure, there are risks involved with using this type of sedation. General anesthesia is only applied by certified and specially trained professionals – anesthesiologists.

Sedation dentistry is safe and effective for all sorts of patients, including:
• Infants or babies
• Children with challenging dental needs
• Kids with intense gag reflexes
• Young people who have a traumatic history with dental procedures
• Kids with special needs

If your child requires a dental procedure and you’re ready to speak with an expert, call the team at Kids Corner Medical & Dental today. We are a child-focused practice and would be happy to evaluate your child’s condition and discuss a treatment plan that is comfortable for you and your child. Our kids dental office is located in South Oakville and always welcoming new patients.


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