Psycho-Educational Assessments

Dr. Borthwick specializes in providing an array of psychological assessment services to meet the unique needs of each client. She specializes in providing the following types of psycho-educational assessments: Learning Disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Intellectual Disability, Gifted, Adult/Post-Secondary and Comprehensive Learning.

The benefits of a psycho-educational assessment include:

  • An understanding of a client’s cognitive and learning profile,
  • An understanding of how one learns best,
  • An understanding of strategies that will support one’s strengths and needs,
  • An understanding of strategies that may be incorporated into an Individual Education Plan (IEP),
  • An understanding of potential accommodations and modifications to support student success,
  • An understanding if further consultation with related professionals may be beneficial,
  • An understanding of potential community resources, and
  • An understanding, if appropriate, of the client’s diagnosis and how to help one achieve his/her best.

Psycho-Diagnostic Assessments

Dr. Borthwick conducts psycho-diagnostic assessments in order to help determine one’s symptoms, the severity of the symptoms as well as to determine if a client meets the diagnostic criteria for a mental health condition, so that the appropriate treatment planning and intervention may begin.

The benefits of a psycho-diagnostic assessment include:

  • An understanding of one’s current mental health profile,
  • An understanding if one’s symptoms meet the diagnostic criteria for a formal diagnosis,
  • An understanding if any co-morbid diagnoses are present (i.e., there is more than one formal diagnosis),
  • An understanding of which therapeutic approach may be most beneficial,
  • An understanding of how best to support the individual and to determine if related professionals may be required, and
  • Determine if there are community supports and/or resources that may be beneficial.

Mental Health Support

Dr. Borthwick prides herself in providing expert care, while creating a warm, supportive, and client-centered environment, utilizing evidence-based methods for a range of mental health concerns.

While Dr. Borthwick’s main treatment approach is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) she also incorporates solution-focused therapy, motivational interviewing, and collaborative problem solving when needed.

She also aims to incorporate a strength-based approach, wherever possible, so that her clients can learn to utilize their strengths while learning, practicing, and mastering new skills. The goal of this approach is to help a client transfer their skills and strategies into everyday life.

Dr. Borthwick has a particular interest in supporting clients with Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) as well as supporting clients with stress and life transitions.