Preventative Dentistry for Children

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Many parents have a difficult time knowing the best way to handle their children’s dental care needs. By starting children off with a thorough, consistent oral hygiene routine and regular dental visits at a young age, you can set them up to grow into an adult that prioritizes their oral health and continues to visit their dentist regularly throughout their lifetime.

What is preventative dentistry?
Preventative dentistry means taking care of your teeth in such a way that prevents problems from occurring, rather than waiting to seek dental care after a problem occurs.

Many dental problems can be avoided, or easily treated, simply by practicing preventative dentistry.

When should I start preventative dentistry for my children?
Many parents believe that because baby teeth are temporary, they are not important and do not require treatment. This is simply not true. Baby teeth are just as important for young people as adult teeth are for adults. They help your child eat and chew, but they also play a large role in their speech and language development and hold space to guide the adult teeth into their proper location when they develop.

Your home-based oral hygiene routine can start before your child’s teeth even break through the gumline, by cleaning and massaging the gums. This will get your child used to an oral care routine, teaching them that once their teeth do come in, regular brushing and flossing is just part of the start and end to each day.

We recommend bringing your child to the pediatric dentist in South Oakville before their first birthday. Not only can early dental visits help to clean the teeth, but they also allow the dentist the opportunity to check on how things are developing, spot small problems before they turn into big problems, and show your child that dental visits are nothing to fear.

Here are some things to expect at a preventative pediatric dental visit:

• Assessment of the health of the teeth, gums, and oral tissues
• Fluoride treatments that re-mineralize the tooth enamel to reverse damage caused by the ingestion of sugars and acidic foods
• Dental sealants for children aged 5-10 that have deep grooves and fissures in their teeth
• Mouth guards for children who play high-contact sports

If you’re ready to start your child on the path to a lifetime of healthy smiles, call Kids Corner Medical & Dental today. We’ll schedule a time for you to bring them in so we can assess their oral health and show them that regular dental visits are an important part of their overall healthcare needs. Our office is conveniently located in South Oakville with ample, free parking available. We are always accepting new patients and don’t require a dental referral.



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