Why You Need a Pediatric Dentist

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Introducing your children to the dentist at an early age is an important step in setting them up for a lifetime of bright, healthy teeth. Positive dental experiences in childhood teach your young ones that dental visits are nothing to fear, and help them learn a proper oral hygiene routine from the pros.

You may be wondering whether to take your child to your regular family dentist, or to seek out a pediatric dentist to get your child started down the path of good oral health.

We believe it’s important to start your child’s dental visits with a kid’s dentist — one that specializes in children’s oral health. Pediatric dentists only see children, so they are focused on everything related to the development of your child’s baby teeth, the loss of those baby teeth, and the development of permanent, adult teeth. Our patients at Kids Corner range in age from infants to 18-year-olds. We do not see adults.

Pediatric dentists also undergo an additional four years of training on top of the already-vigorous education taken by a regular family dentist.

These things make it clear that pediatric dentists are the right choice for your child’s dental needs. They are well trained and experienced in providing comfortable dental experiences for your children. This is extremely important because, as you know, many adults are fearful of the dentist, and this fear can often mean skipping regular dental checkups in adulthood. Setting a foundation of trust between a child and a dentist will lead to an adult that prioritizes regular dental care and does not skip treatments out of fear.

Your kid’s dentist in Oakville also keeps up to date on the newest trends and advances in dental technologies and how they work in developing mouths, and they are intimately familiar with issues faced by children as their teeth, tongue, gums and mouth develop with age.

Pediatric dentists are qualified to spot any issues that may be occurring as your child moves from baby teeth to adult teeth, and they are your best source of information if you have any concerns about the development of your child’s teeth.

Pediatric dentists are also well trained to work with kids with special medical needs. We work with children every day and appreciate that every child is unique. We tailor our approach according to your child’s temperament and specific needs. We adopt different behavioural management techniques to calm your child and to build confidence.

You do not need a referral to visit a pediatric dentist in Oakville.

Call Kids Corner Medical and Dental today. We’ll set up a time for you and your child to visit our team of specialists and get your family on the right track for a lifetime of bright, happy smiles.

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