Reasons to Choose
A Pediatric Dentist

1Seeing Things From Your Child’s Perspective

Dental visits are daunting for many, especially children who have a fear of the unknown. Pediatric dentists have additional training and skills to help make your child’s experience comfortable. This means our office environment is more kid-friendly and we communicate with your child in a way that makes them feel more at ease.

2Specialized Formal Training

Pediatric dentists receive three additional years of training in Canada after dental school. During this time they are taught didactic and clinical skills to address the needs of infants to teenagers. This training takes place both in the university clinical setting and hospital clinic setting. Drs. Laura and Yili have also completed an additional year of training at SickKids where they managed various oral health aspects among children with various medical comorbidities.

3Keeping Your Child (and you) Calm

We work with children every day and appreciate that every child is unique. We tailor our approach according to your child’s temperament and specific needs. We adopt different behavioural management techniques to calm your child and to build confidence.

4Providing Comprehensive Oral Care

Our care for your child does not end with filling a tooth. We are trained in preventing and recognizing the different needs that may arise as your child grows. As a bonus, we work closely with our in-house pediatrician


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