The Most Important Things to Know About Children’s Oral Health

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If you’re a parent, we know you work hard every day to make sure your child grows up to be a kind, healthy, responsible adult. The good news is you’re likely already focused on their health, encouraging them to make positive lifestyle choices that include healthy eating and regular activity.

As your pediatric dentist in Oakville, we want to encourage families to think about oral health as an important part of the overall health and wellness of their children.

Why it’s important to start dental care early
Regular dental visits are extremely important for people of all ages. Not only is a dental visit necessary to fix an acute problem like a cavity or abscess, but visiting the dentist regularly allows a team of specially trained professionals the opportunity to assess the health of your teeth, gums, and the other tissues in your mouth so they can spot any small problems that are starting to develop.

Catching a small problem that is easy to treat can prevent that problem from developing into something more serious for adults and children alike, saving you from requiring more invasive, expensive treatment options down the line. In some cases, like catching gingivitis before it develops into periodontitis, these early interventions can save your natural tooth or teeth and prevent the need for an extraction. In more extreme cases, like oral cancers, early intervention can save your life.

While the above-mentioned problems are extremely rare in children, a visit to the dentist is the best way to spot a cavity, which is a very common problem faced by young people today.

It’s very important to introduce your children to proper oral healthcare at a young age. Not only does this allow a professional to check on the growth and development of your child’s tooth and gums, but it teaches your kids that a visit to the dentist is nothing to fear.

Many young people have grown up fearing the dentist, and they grow into adults who skip their regular dental visits because they are afraid to go, or they just don’t see it a priority. By introducing your child to the pediatric dentist at a young age, you are increasing the odds that they’ll grow into an adult that continues with regular dental visits and prioritizes their oral health.

If the young people in your life are due for a dental exam and hygiene appointment, call Kids Corner Medical & Dental in Oakville to schedule an appointment today. We’ll set up some time to meet with you and your child, discuss your family’s oral care routine, and come up with a plan to treat or monitor your child’s oral health that will work for you and your family.

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